Site Management


The number one security issue of most websites is simply that no one is “watching the store.”  Updates are critical to keep your site protected and secure.  But updates sometimes can cause conflicts on a website, so testing is very important to us, to make sure your site is seamlessly and constantly updated and secure.

Plugin Update

We make sure your plugins are updated as soon as new updates are released and the newly updated plugin doesn’t affect your sites performance.

Theme Update

When a theme update is released we will update your theme and check to make sure it hasn’t affected how your site is viewed and any customizations made during development.

CMS Framework Update

Wordpress is always improving so we make sure you are running on the latest and greatest version and your website is compatible with it.

Security Scans

Running security scans ensures your website runs smoothly and keeps your data safe.

Better safe, than sorry


We know it is important to you to make sure your site is operating and accessible to your customers.  Sometimes sites go down due to server issues, content update mistakes, brute force attacks, etc.  That is why it is important to have daily backups and regular site monitoring, to make sure that you are back up and running quickly with a minimum loss to content and information.

Daily/Weekly Backup

In case your site ever goes down for whatever reason we run daily/weekly backups to get you back ASAP.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Knowing your site is up and running smoothly gives you the peace of mind to focus on your business.

Database Optimization

Keep your site searches quick and accurate by getting rid of unused space especially on eCommerce sites.

Comment Spam Removal

Spam- irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.  That’s why we remove it!


Search engines put a heavy emphasis on sites that load fast, with few requests and optimized content, especially mobile sites. That is why it is important to regularly be monitoring your sites performance, load speed, page size, minification and optimization. The hosting server and provider play a key role in this equation.

Page Speed Checks

The faster the better!  We check to see if there are suggestions to make your pages faster.

Page Size Review

Your pages size will affect how fast it loads, we check for improvements.

Site Analytics

Tells us whose visiting your site and how they got there, and what pages they visited.

Detailed Reporting

Helps us to make improvements to your site to increase your brand awareness online.

The right hosting servers and providers are paramount

That’s why we offer blazing fast hosting for our clients

Maintenance Report

Rio Schools

Wolf Media can provide you with a detailed maintenance report of your website and discuss any improvements that can be made to ensure you are successfully building your audience and web presence.

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