Founded by Larry Wolf, Wolf Media brings you the best quality service, customer support and shows you how to manage it all. We provide consulting services, training, and implementation. We have 20 years of experience in the industry working with corporate clients and non-profits.

For an interesting article on brand identity https://wolfmedia.us/black-white-marketing-full-color-world/, check out my blog post on the new wave of marketing.

Wolf Media provides media services to corporations, organizations and non-profit firms. We provide website design, web integration, WordPress development, web development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), HTML Email marketing and social media marketing to businesses.

We also provide video and photographic services, stock footage, video editing and production of promotional videos, interviews, and corporate motion graphics for commercial, print and web usage. We provide conversion services for older video and photographic formats, converted to digital quality prints and videos. We have an eye for quality and a knack for affordability

Larry Wolf

Pack Leader

Larry is a serial entrepreneur, who often has more ideas than time to purse them. He loves innovation, the creative process, and bringing organization where there is chaos. He spends free time playing beach volleyball, building stuff from reclaimed wood, reading about technology and time with his Creator and family.


Matt Deseno


Jesus Follower, Musician, WordPresser, Server Guru, Coder, Developer.

Tiffany Israel


Tiffany is a graphic designer, web designer/developer, photographer, videographer, tiny house dweller, Jesus lover and all together create-a-holic.

Our services have helped hundreds of clients with direct marketing, brand marketing, print marketing, email marketing, website design, web redesign, website development, video production, audio production, radio production, podcast, vodcast, social media marketing (think FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle +YouTube), as well as search engine optimization(aka, SEO), search ranking analysis, marketing consulting and relationship management.

Let us help YOU expand your products and services, your business brand, your non-profit “influence”, your corporate image, or your brand identity. For an interesting article on brand identity